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Quick ways for brides to demolish dark underarms before 'the big day' this summer

11th May 2014

Planning for a wedding is not a simple task. It’s one of the most important days of our lives, which is why we want everything to be perfect on the day, including our appearance.

Future brides, once you’ve sorted your outfits, manicure, pedicure and hair removal, don’t forget to pay a little bit of attention to your underarms.

Below are a few quick techniques you can try out to avoid having any signs of dark underarms before their ‘big day’ this summer.

Technique 1: Avoid wearing tight clothes

Avoid wearing very tight clothing, as this could cause excessive friction on your skin. The friction can build up sweat and will result in darker underarms, so try saving the tighter clothing for after the wedding.

Technique 2: Stock up on the deodorants

Keep your underarms fresh and odour-free by always carrying some deodorant or a roll-on in your bag. Avoid spraying deodorants directly on the skin. Try to keep a distance of at least six inches before you spray to avoid getting unsightly dark underarms and use a clear deodorant to avoid white marks too.

Technique 3: Opt for a more permanent hair removal solution

Undergoing laser hair removal sessions as oppose to temporary hair removal procedures like shaving and waxing appears to be a better option for cleaner underarms. Before making any decisions about going ahead with laser hair removal sessions, it is advisable that you consult with an expert dermatologist at one of our sk:n clinics.

Technique 4: Keep your underarms exfoliated at all times

Exfoliating your underarms is just as important as exfoliating any other parts of your body. Try to exfoliate your underarms with a soft scrub at least twice a week to be able to banish any dead cells and bacteria on your skin.

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