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No more 'barbed wire tattoo' for Pamela Anderson

4th May 2014

It appears that former 'Baywatch' babe and famous Canadian-American actress, Pamela Anderson has also given into tattoo removal. She was recently spotted without her famous 'barbed wire' tattoo on her left bicep, which was especially inked on her arm for her blockbuster hit 'Barb Wire.'

In her recent interviews, she admits that ex-husband Tommy Lee was one of the main reasons behind her fascination with tattoos in the 90's. Apparently she loved Tommy Lee’s tattoos, and instead of a make-up artist painting the barbed wire tattoo on her arm each day for the film, she decided it would just be easier to just get the actual tattoo inked permanently.

According to a close friend "Pamela is seeing the effects of age and hard living on her body. Her skin is getting soft. She feels like her tattoos are going to become eyesores." It seems her tattoos are not an important part of her life anymore like they were two decades ago. This is probably why she has undergone laser tattoo removal so she can finally get rid of some of her meaningless tattoos once and for all.

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