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Laser tattoo removal to the rescue

17th May 2014

Thousands of women have turned to permanent makeup also known as micropigmentation or cosmetic tattooing, to get the perfect makeup, especially in the summer when we’re by the pool or at the beach all day.

Although the idea of hassle-free 24/7 permanent makeup appeals to many, including popular celebrities like Madonna and Angelina Jolie, sometimes it can go wrong.

Below are some real-life examples on cosmetic tattoos and how laser tattoo removal has saved them from a lifetime of embarrassment.

Permanent makeup failures - real life stories


Meet Sue Kilden, 60, a retired NHS administrator, who had a disastrous permanent lip liner experience in March 2013. 'I felt sick for days afterwards, I hadn't told my husband Keith, a retired banker, that I was having anything done, so he was absolutely horrified when he saw me’ she said in an recent interview.

She also states that, facial beauty hiccups of this type can be very distressing and can create a profound emotional impact on the person. Luckily for Sue, she has now recovered from this swiftly with the help of tattoo removal laser treatment sessions.

She received a sum of eight laser sessions, with six weeks between each session from a qualified dermatologist before witnessing positive results. Beauty therapists say that, there is nothing wrong with the treatment itself, but it’s the way some of these inexperienced practitioners execute the cosmetic tattoo treatments, that can make a huge difference.


Louise Cowmeadow, 45, a TV producer also had a similar traumatic permanent makeup experience. ‘After the technician had finished, I knew something was wrong straight away,’ she says. ‘My eyes were puffy, but I could see what looked like strange smudges of blue at the sides of both of them nowhere near where eyeliner should be.’ she told Daily Mail.

She was also saved by laser tattoo removal treatment sessions and was thankfully able to get rid of the uneven tattoo eyeliner on her face straight after the incident.

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It looks like laser tattoo removal procedures have saved the lives of many especially those whose cosmetic tattoos have gone horribly wrong. It has given them a chance to regain their confidence, self-esteem and allowed them to no longer stress over unwanted tattoos on their body.

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