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Facts on how placenta can help new mums with their health and skin

13rd May 2014

Giving birth is probably one of the most painful yet exciting experiences in a woman's life. Recent findings have shown that a woman's placenta can help towards improving their health and skin. A placenta is an organ attached to the lining of the womb during pregnancy. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian have made the most of their placentas after giving birth.

Below are a few unique and unusual ways on how new mums can use their placenta to help towards their skin and well-being.

Suggestion 1: Eat it

Placenta has high nutritional value and can help with lowering the chances of new mums experiencing post-natal depression. It seems it’s not only the new mums who benefit from eating placenta, as American actress Jennifer Aniston has also apparently been a great fan of eating placenta crisps!

Suggestion 2: Apply it on your face

Past scientific research has shown that placenta facials can help with the recovery of sun damaged or acne-prone skin. In addition to undergoing acne treatment, it may be a good idea for you to make the most of placenta facials. Apparently, Victoria Beckham has also been applying sheep placenta facials, in order to gain blemish-free skin.

Suggestion 3: Drink it

If you are not too keen on eating placenta, it may then be a better idea to turn it into liquid form and drink it. Perhaps you could add more flavour to the drink by mixing some fruit to the mixture. This will help revitalise your skin and will contribute towards your five a day healthy lifestyle.

What other options can ‘new mums’ be going for?

Apart from new mums trying out placenta facials to prevent breakouts, another hassle-free and long lasting solution would be to look into starting acne treatment sessions with a qualified dermatologist. There are a range of skin clinics like sk:n, which carry out this procedure. Start your journey to healthier and more beautiful looking skin with us today.

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