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Harry Styles from One Direction to relieve acne with geisha facials

10th May 2014

Harry Styles has apparently been breakout free since he started geisha facials, without needing to make numerous trips to his local skin clinics to overcome his acne.

What is a geisha facial?

A geisha facial consists of bird excrement, which is applied to all the affected areas of the skin. The excrement has the same outcome as a chemical peel, but it causes less redness, irritation and burning sensation after a treatment session. It';s called a ‘geisha facial’ because many years ago, Japanese geishas used the same method, to remove their thick white makeup.

Other celebrities that have gone for geisha facials apart from Harry Styles

It seems that he is not the only one who is giving geisha facials a go. Iconic figures like Victoria Beckham, 40 and Tom Cruise, 51 have also invested a large sum of money on these facials already. In fact, Cruise, has been a fan for two years and Victoria Beckham began having these after a visit to Japan, where she was hugely inspired by their flawless skin.

Further advice

Investing in geisha facials may not be everyone's first choice and not everyone will be as courageous as Harry Styles to have bird droppings smeared on their face.

If you don't think you're ready for geisha facials then, it would good idea for you to begin laser acne treatment sessions from a skilled and well-trained dermatologist. Book a non-obligation consultation to find out more.

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