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Father's Day skin care gift ideas

6th May 2014

Father's Day is only around the corner and some of us may still be contemplating what to get our dads on their special day. It's often quite tricky shopping for a man!

Most parents will appreciate skin care gifts. They can achieve smoother and radiant looking skin in no time and there are also some fantastic anti-ageing products, which is always a bonus.

Below are a few Father's Day skin care gift ideas:

Gift idea 1: A skin care gift hamper

Why not select an assortment of skin care ‘goodies’, in a big gift hamper? For most men, all the different named products can become slightly overwhelming, so it may be a good idea to write up a basic skin care regimen for them to follow.

Try to label each one of the products in numerical order starting with the product that should be applied on the skin first. The gift basket should ideally include a chemical-free cleanser, an exfoliating pre-shave cleanser, moisturiser and sunscreen.

Gift idea 2: A new smart phone cover

Did you know that your mobile phone could be covered with all sorts of unpleasant germs and bacteria? We can't always guarantee that our phone covers will not rub against our skin, leading to potential breakouts and blemishes.

If your dad's smart phone cover is in terrible condition, then why not purchase a new, easy to sanitize and bacteria-free cover for them?

Gift idea 3: A consultation session with a expert dermatologist

Some people might need a bit of a push when it comes to taking care of their skin. Why not book a free non-obligation consultation for them with an experienced dermatologist so they can understand their skin better?

They might even be convinced to try out one of the popular anti-ageing treatments like microdermabrasion after their consultation session with a skin specialist.

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