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Dermaroller focused treatments discussed on The Jeremy Kyle Show

20th May 2014

Don't know much about skin rejuvenation treatments like Dermaroller? then it's time you took some time out to learn about these if you are looking to transform your skin for the better. Millions of clients are turning to these types of procedures with an aim to rejuvenate and repair the skin for a smoother and younger looking appearance.

The Dermaroller procedure was discussed on The Jeremy Kyle Show - The Morning Surgery. Click on the link below to find out exactly what was discussed.

What was discussed on The Jeremy Kyle Show- The Morning Surgery about dermaroller focused treatments

At the beginning of the clip popular TV host, Jeremy Kyle, is joined by an experienced cosmetic dermatologist and her patient Lisa. One of the main highlights of this video clip is the Dermaroller being used live in the studio to treat Lisa’s deep facial scars.

We are told in the clip that it is Lisa's very first Dermaroller treatment session, which is shown live on the show. One of the most important questions he asks the surgeon is what Dermaroller is and what Lisa is expected to achieve from it. The surgeon responds by saying ‘it’s a revolutionary new device which allows nurses, surgeons and doctors to treat various types of scarring and much more, in a way they weren't able to before.’

She points out that minimal downtime is required with this procedure and that there are very few side-effects that you will experience after the treatment session. She also tells us that all the skin specialist would need to do is apply an anesthetic cream half an hour before the session, execute of the procedure and then let the client return back to their normal routines.

What else do you need to know about Dermaroller?

According to the surgeon on the show, the Dermaroller course would involve around 3-4 sessions, with 6 weeks being apart between them. Lisa was also asked to describe her experience after the Dermaroller session. She told us that it was just a strange sensation, but it wasn't unbearable or painful.

At the end of treatment, we see her face turning pink, with a bit of blood spread around on the treated areas, which were then thoroughly wiped off. She reassures us that this is nothing to worry about and just helps contribute towards the healing process.

Want to start your Dermaroller treatment sessions?

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