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How to avoid common bridal beauty disasters before your wedding day

27th May 2014

Nobody wants to look unattractive on their wedding day. You will even find the groom making an extra effort with his appearance. With so much going on, it's only natural for us to experience common bridal beauty disasters before the wedding day, but these can be avoided.

Below are a list of bridal beauty disasters that people often undergo, and useful tips on how you can avoid them.

Beauty disaster one- puffy eyes and dark circles

With the wedding day approaching closer, you may be having more late nights because of all the arrangements you have to make for the day or you may just be enjoying the last few weeks partying with your friends.

Whatever the case, future brides, always remind yourself, that late nights and excess alcohol consumption can lead to bad skin, puffy eyes and unsightly dark circles.

Tip: do everything in moderation and don't miss out on your beauty sleep

Make sure you're getting at least 7 hours worth of sleep every night. Try to also only drink alcohol in moderation, if you wish to have flawless and glowing looking skin on your big day.

Beauty disaster two- makeup overload

Having your face caked up with too much makeup is never a wise idea. It may just ruin your entire outlook on the day, if there is too much of it.

Tip: always remember to book a makeup trial months in advance

To ensure you're makeup comes out perfect and you look outstanding on your wedding day, it may be a good idea to book a makeup trial with a professional makeup artist months in advance.

Beauty disaster three- unwanted tattoos

It's common for future brides to feel slightly self conscious about their tattoos being on show in front of hundreds of guests. There is a chance your unwanted tattoos might clash with your wedding outfit, completely ruining the elegant look you've always wanted.

Tip -opt for laser tattoo removal

There is no point for you to keep your unwanted tattoos if they don't appeal to you anymore. The best way to get rid of these permanently is to perhaps consider starting tattoo removal treatment sessions at least 6 months in advance.

Visit our sk:n website today, if you want to find out more about the laser tattoo removal cost and prices.

Beauty disaster four- an uneven skin tone with fake tanning

Fake tanning can go terribly wrong if it is executed in a rush, right before your big day, especially if it's your first time. Instead of getting the bronzy look you were looking for, you might end up with patchy looking skin and an uneven skin tone, which can be greatly risky, if your wedding day is only a couple of days away.

Tip- experiment with fake tanning procedures in advance

There is nothing wrong with experimenting with fake tanning procedures, but it would be better if you done this at least a month in advance so you have enough time to fix any unexpected tanning failures, if there are any.

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