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Anti-ageing tips for smooth and youthful looking hands

12nd May 2014

Our hands are usually a big giveaway of age. If your hands look slightly aged and are covered with red veins then you could do something about it.

Below are a few anti-ageing tips to achieve smoother and youthful looking hands:

Tip 1: Invest in latex gloves

Leaving your hands unprotected could be quite damaging in the long-term. Before starting any of your daily chores like washing up or any other type of cleaning, wear a pair of latex gloves.

Cleaning products consist of chemicals that can be harmful to the skin so it’s best to avoid any type of direct contact with them.

Tip 2: Start some skin rejuvenation treatments

Sometimes over-the-counter products may not be as effective as some of the skin rejuvenation treatments like Endymed Skin Tightening. This procedure allows for any loose, sagging skin, with lines and wrinkles on the face and body to be significantly firmed, tightened and lifted.

You can enquire more about this from an experienced dermatologist at one of your local professional skin clinics like sk:n. Get in touch today, to find out more.

Tip 3: Keep your hands protected from the sun

Too much sunlight can lead to sun damage, which can then lead to the formation of wrinkles, age spots and uneven pigmentation on our skin. To protect yourself from any form of sun damage, it would be highly recommended to use sunscreen and a hand cream that has a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 15 or ideally more.

Tip 4: Keep your hands moisturised

You should try to keep your hands moisturised at all times, so you can avoid your hands from appearing dry, cracked and aged. According to a few skin experts, a good quality moisturiser restores hydration and helps repair the skin barrier, so make sure you get yours today.

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