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What Causes Scar Pitting?

13rd March 2014

In a previous article, we talked about the struggle Cassandra Bankson went through with cystic acne and how she is now a successful model as well as a spokeswoman for acne. Her YouTube channel, which is what began her career, contains a multitude of help and advice about cosmetics and beauty, including information on acne. One video in particular which stood out was her video on scar pitting.

She begins the video by talking about the different types of scars, for example the different textures and colours that they can be. She then goes on to describe the two main reasons why acne scars pit.

Cause 1: Cystic acne

Having deep set acne like cystic acne (which is what she has) makes you more likely to get pitting because the cysts form on bottom layers of skin and when the cyst goes it leaves a gap. This gap causes all the layers of skin to sink which is what makes the pitted scar. She likens this to chickenpox in the effect it can have on the skin.

Cause 2: Thin skin

The other cause she talks about is having thin skin. Due to levels of collagen, over-exfoliating, genes, etc some people have thinner skin which becomes more prone to “bumpiness and unevenness” like spots and wrinkles. Some of the advice she gives is to makes sure to treat the scars as soon as possible because older scars are harder to treat.

There is a range of procedures available for acne scar treatment, an example being Fraxel which helps resurface the damaged skin. Laser treatment is also available, but it is advisable to talk to a dermatologist about what treatment would be best for you.

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