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14th March 2014

If you're struggling with symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome and not sure where to go for information, then you may find yourself looking for resources online. We came across this website on our search which gives lots of useful advice and information.

PCOS research

The main section that jumps out is the ‘PCOS Research’ tab on the main navigation bar. This section gives scientific articles on dietary recommendations for those who suffer from PCOS in order to minimise the effect of symptoms.

Read PCOStories

This section gives real stories from women suffering from PCOS and how it affects their everyday lives. It gives women an opportunity to share their feelings and experiences to help and advise others.

And more...

There is so much more available on the site, like recommended books, informational videos, resources on the diagnosis of PCOS and a separate message board for people to ask specific questions to each other.

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