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Should You Be Doing Facial Workouts?

23rd March 2014

Your face contains muscles, just like any other part of your body, so in order to maintain the skins elasticity you should make sure you keep it moving. You may find as you get older the skin around your face begins to sag a bit, and you become increasingly paranoid of ‘chicken neck’.

Do you find yourself suffering from tension headaches, anxiety and disrupted sleep? One possible explanation could be that you have tension in your jaw and mouth. Clenching your jaw restricts blood flow to the brain and pinches the nerves, and this causes poor blood supply to the tissue.

How do you do them?

It is recommended that you don't just do facial workouts every now and then but work it into your daily routine. Ensure you massage your entire face both in the morning and evening. You do this by using your fingertips to perform circular motions, in opposite directions with each hand in order to break the patterns of tension. In order to achieve an overall lift of the skin, you must remember to do this along the hairline and jaw-line as well.

Relaxing the muscles at the front of the neck will help with the ‘chicken neck’ fear, as well as minimise the ‘double chin’ effect. Light strokes are required for this, start massaging from the midline and work your way out towards the sides.

Increasing blood flow around your face is incredibly important to give your skin a lift and keep it glowing. This can be achieved by light pinching of the skin, particularly around the eye area as well as above the jaw line.


There are lots of other options available that don't require daily activity but it is recommended to always talk to a skin specialist to discuss the various skin rejuvenation treatments that you are of offer. Facial workouts may not be the best solution for someone who has a very busy and stressful lifestyle, that doesn't give them the time in the morning and evening. Other treatments like Juvederm may be more suitable, but always talk to a specialist to find out what's right for you.

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