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Popular ways to get rid of acne caused by dandruff

2nd March 2014

Finding random pimples can become very irritating and distressing. Many people find popular treatments like acne laser treatment can help greatly with battling their acne and help them gain confidence and take control.

There are various factors like dandruff that can lead to acne breakouts, so below are a few key ways you can get help reduce acne if dandruff is a factor:

Buy anti-dandruff shampoo

There are many anti-dandruff shampoos on the market with brands like Heads & Shoulders being one of the most famous, but also try tea tree oil based shampoos that can help with dandruff by regulating the skin on the scalp.

Regular use can help decrease dandruff, but you can also try natural remedies such as deep oil treatments.

Brush your hair frequently

By brushing your hair regularly, you will be able to remove all the dead cells on the scalp and will ultimately be able to get rid of most of your unwanted dandruff. You should try to brush your hair at least twice or three times a day.

Avoid using hair styling products

Perhaps it's not realistic to completely avoid using hair styling products like hair sprays and heated tongs, but it would be a good idea to use these products in moderation. Hair styling products are known to make your hair either very oily or dry and both factors contribute towards acne formation.

Dandruff can not only be unsightly, but it's also a major culprit behind some acne problems. If you are starting to feel concerned about your acne breakouts, then why not seek further advice from a qualified dermatologist? Discover the new and more confident you by starting your acne treatment today.

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