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How to Temporarily Cover a Tattoo with Makeup

20th March 2014

Finding yourself with a tattoo that you don't want to permanently delete from your memory but want to hide for a night? Maybe it doesn't go with the atmosphere of the evening, clashes with the outfit you want to create, or maybe you don't want it showing up in your wedding photos? Temporary tattoo ‘removal’ with make-up will give you the illusion of being de-inked.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Make sure the area is completely dry, i.e. no moisturiser or primer
  2. Use a foundation (cream not powder) that has a peach/pink undertone. This will help neutralise the darkness of the tattoo.
  3. Use a wedge sponge to apply, using a stippling or patting technique in order to build coverage (don't forget you'll need a generous helping of foundation)
  4. Feather out the edges so that the foundation blends into the skin, and apply a translucent setting powder over the area. This will help set the foundation.
  5. Now use a cream foundation that is the correct shade for your natural skin colour, using a patting motion. Don't forget to feather out the edges again.
  6. Another layer of translucent setting powder is needed to set the new layer of foundation.

Looking for a more permanent solution?

If you find this process too tedious, and would rather get rid of your tattoo altogether, then laser tattoo removal would be a better solution. If you go to a specialised clinic like sk:n, you will be able to find tattoo removal costs that fit your budget and ensure those treating you are experts in the field.

If you are interested in our services, you can book a consultation, find a clinic near you, have a look at the different treatments we offer, or you can have a look at the skincare products we sell.

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