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Facial Thread Veins: Your Questions Answered

3rd March 2014

By Clare Love

Clare is a registered nurse who moved from the NHS to work with sk:n over nine years ago; she is currently working as Lead Nurse in our Leicester clinic. She is an expert in facial thread veins treatment, understanding the distress this potentially embarrassing skin condition can cause; and has even had the treatment herself.

"Why do I have facial thread veins?"

Broken veins are typical on the nose and cheeks, but can be found around the face (the medical name for these are telangactasia). They may even look like a red dot (which is called a spider naevus). Sometimes the leaky capillaries may cause general background redness to the skin, making you have rosy, flushed cheeks.

They are often hereditary and may be triggered by spicy foods, changes of temperature and alcohol. Situations where you may be socialising, i.e going out to eat with friends, may make it worse for you and even make you want to avoid these situations all together, or feel like you can't leave the house without heavy make-up. It may even impact on your work life. Have you been in meetings and been worried that the people you meet may assume that you drink too much? Even though you may only have the occasional drink. Understandably this is very distressing. These thoughts and feelings are common to those suffering from facial broken veins. The good news is that here at sk:n we understand and we have a range of treatments which can help to minimise the thread veins and background redness.

"What can I do about facial thread veins?"

When you come to the clinic we will ask you to fill out a set of medical notes for us then you will be seen by a nurse who will ask you some questions about your skin and talk to you about the treatments we offer.

This might include using one of our cosmeceutical creams. You may at this point be thinking, "But I’ve tried creams before and they don't seem to help". Our cosmeceutical products work deep in the skin and contain more active ingredients than average creams and can quickly help to reduce that rosy appearance. This can then help us also to be able to target specific tread veins with a laser.

"I'm not sure about laser treatments, are they safe?"

Laser treatments offer a safe, fast way of minimising thread veins. Laser light is directed at the veins and they heat up super-quickly. They then collapse in on themselves. There is a little discomfort followed by some redness. Sometimes there may be a little bruising which may last a few days. Your Nurse can explain all of this to you when you come in to see us.

We will initially do a test patch and a few weeks later treat the whole area. We often see that 1-3 treatments will improve the veins by as much as 75%!

The after care at home will involve using some aloe vera gel, to keep it cool and protecting the skin from the sun for the duration of your treatment.

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