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Couple use tattoo removal to help the less-fortunate

30th March 2014

There are plenty out there who no longer feel the same way about their body art so go down the laser tattoo removal route. Not everyone can afford to have tattoo laser removal treatment sessions straight away and may have to wait and save before going ahead.

An entrepreneurial couple called Bill and Lisa Anderson, recently volunteered to help the less fortunate with free laser tattoo removal sessions and haircuts, through a church homeless outreach program.

Why tattoo removal has become so popular?

Lisa has found that for most of the people who come to her for tattoo removal, have tattoos that usually represent a bad memory. Name of ex-partners are most common, she said.

Apparently the most rewarding type of tattoos for her to get rid of are usually to do with gang related symbols. In fact, she is currently in the process of removing a six-point star, for Lucky, a former gang member of the 'Black Disciples' in his home town of Chicago.

Your next steps?

You can also start over and leave your past behind by starting your laser tattoo removal sessions. Find out if this is something that would be suitable for you by booking your consultation today. The expert medical team at our skin clinics are always available to give you the best guidance so get booking with us today.

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