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Coconut oil: a natural acne remedy

11th March 2014

Recent research has shown that coconut oil is not only a great ingredient to include in our food, but it can also play an important part in healing our acne prone skin. Additionally to your acne laser treatment sessions you can also try out this natural acne remedy, which can work wonders.

How does coconut oil help our skin?

It has been found that natural coconut oil consists of two key properties that collectively help towards curing our acne. These are called lauric acid and capric acid. Lauric acid for instance, is believed to fight against the bacteria linked to acne.

How to use coconut oil to treat acne

Coconut oil usually comes in solid form and can be bought at your local superstore. It can easily be dissolved and turned into liquid form with your fingers, ready to then be applied on the affected area. You don’t need large amounts of coconut oil, for you to see the full effects.

Apply in circular motions to your face and neck or any other affected areas, just as you would any other facial moisturiser. Your skin may initially feel quite greasy and moist after application, but this will only last a few minutes before the skin quickly absorbs the coconut oil for a more smoother finish. Always apply the coconut oil on cleansed skin and not after you've applied makeup.

Other acne remedies

If your acne is still a concern to you, then you shouldn't hesitate in seeking further advice from an experienced dermatologist.

It's never too late to start your acne treatment if your skin condition is worsening and spiralling out of control. Book your free consultation at sk:n today and find out how we can help in resolving your acne related issues.

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