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Cassandra Bankson: Acne Story of a Model

21st March 2014

In December 2010, a teenager suffering from acne posted a video onto her beauty and fashion YouTube channel, giving a step-by-step guide to how to cover up acne with foundation. That video turned Cassandra Bankson into an internet sensation.

The early years

Cassandra Bankson suffers from cystic acne across her back, neck, chest and face. The bullying got so bad that she even stopped attending school, as she had to endure being called names like 'virus'. She decided to take action, which is what gave her the motivation to create the guide, which she humbly states at the beginning of the video as being "the most nerve-wracking thing I could do because it;s my biggest insecurity".

Reactions to the video

It took Cassandra 4 months to post the video after filming, and with expectations of the reactions to be similar to those of her classmates, another 5 months passed before she could bring herself to check the comments. To her surprise, most praised her for her bravery and she was given an unexpected boost of confidence. Her video has been watched over 22 million times, and in September 2012 she took part in her first New York Fashion Week.

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