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Be fuzz-free in time for summer

21st March 2014

Achieve smooth, hairless skin ahead of the sunshine months and forever with Laser Hair Removal (LHR) available at sk:n clinics, the nation’s skin specialists.
With LHR, you can say goodbye to unsightly bumps, stubble and in-grown hairs for good and get gorgeous, hair-free skin to confidently ‘bare all’ in your summer wardrobe.
The treatment lasts longer than any other on the market and is still the most effective long-term hair removal solution. It works by safely focusing a laser light beam at the base of the hair follicle, stopping hair growth. The process is practically pain-free and can be used on any part of the body including common problem areas such as the face, bikini line, legs and underarms.
Unlike other destinations, sk:n clinics’ has a range of high-tech advanced lasers to suit all skin types and treatment areas. For best results, six to eight sessions are recommended over the space of around five months. This makes the run up to summer the perfect time to start a Laser Hair Removal treatment course.
sk:n nurse expert Lisa Mason says: “While waxing and shaving are great quick fixes, the most effective solution that really lasts is laser hair removal. At sk:n clinics, we treat over 11,000 clients with this method each month”.
"Many of my clients comment that they wish they'd discovered laser hair removal sooner, especially those who have to shave or wax frequently. Not having to deal with unwanted hair can be a huge relief and makes a woman feel so much more comfortable in her skin during summer...and beyond”.

With the fantastic results you can expect from Laser Hair Removal, you will never be ‘caught short’ with embarrassing hairy parts again - whether you’re wearing a bikini on the beach, or sporting a sleeveless top, shorts, dress, or skirt to simply enjoy the hot weather.
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