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A Real Life PCOS Story

24th March 2014

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a common condition that is commonly associated with symptoms like weight gain, irregular periods, excess hair growth and pregnancy difficulties. Erin Ball, a wife and mother of two, is among a million women who have been affected by PCOS. Despite suffering from this condition, she has still kept strong and managed to successfully battle against her PCOS condition.

What did Erin Ball do to fight back?

Erin Ball shed an impressive 70lbs of weight by sticking to an effective PCOS treatment plan. Her nutritionist, Greg Hottinger, helped her throughout her weight loss journey, as she ensured her daily carbohydrate intake remained at a minimal level. She also read a range of healthy living books such as 'Coach Yourself Thin' for additional weight loss tips.

Regular walks and gym workouts

It's really just a combination of good diet and regular exercise that will assist with your weight loss. Erin not has not only stuck to a strict diet, but she also ensured that she goes for regular walks, remains active at the gym and with her children.

Further advice

If you want to seek further advice and discover other options to fight some of your PCOS symptoms like excess hair and acne then we can help at sk:n clinics. We offer various treatments that have been popular among several of our clients. These include procedures such as: laser treatment for acne and laser hair removal focused treatments. Find out more by booking a consultation with us today.

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