Blogs from March 2014

  • Bridal Beauty Countdown

    A stubborn acne flare up, facial ‘worry’ lines, embarrassing excess hair and the fear of sweaty palms and armpits when walking down the aisle are all common wedding skin woes.
     ... read more

  • Couple use tattoo removal to help the less-fortunate

    There are plenty out there who no longer feel the same way about their body art so go down the laser tattoo removal route. Not everyone can afford to have tattoo laser removal treatment sessions straight away and may have to wait and save before going ahead.... read more

  • Homemade acne face mask recipes that work

    Acne is a common condition that affects most people physically and sometimes even emotionally at some point of their life. However, there are various remedies out there that will work wonders towards your acne treatment process like the ones shown below.... read more

  • How to get fuller lips this Easter

    The desire to have fuller and plump lips has become a really popular trend among women. A professional dermatologist can help you get the lip fillers you have always wished for or alternatively you can have fun trying some natural remedies.... read more

  • A Real Life PCOS Story

    Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a common condition that is commonly associated with symptoms like weight gain, irregular periods, excess hair growth and pregnancy difficulties. Erin Ball, a wife and mother of two, is among a million women who have been affected by PCOS.... read more

  • Should You Be Doing Facial Workouts?

    Your face contains muscles, just like any other part of your body, so in order to maintain the skins elasticity you should make sure you keep it moving. You may find as you get older the skin around your face begins to sag a bit, and you become increasingly paranoid of ‘chicken neck’.... read more

  • Be fuzz-free in time for summer

    Achieve smooth, hairless skin ahead of the sunshine months and forever with Laser Hair Removal (LHR) available at sk:n clinics, the nation’s skin specialists.... read more

  • Cassandra Bankson: Acne Story of a Model

    In December 2010, a teenager suffering from acne posted a video onto her beauty and fashion YouTube channel, giving a step-by-step guide to how to cover up acne with foundation. That video turned Cassandra Bankson into an internet sensation.... read more

  • How to Temporarily Cover a Tattoo with Makeup

    Finding yourself with a tattoo that you don't want to permanently delete from your memory but want to hide for a night? Maybe it doesn't go with the atmosphere of the evening, clashes with the outfit you want to create, or maybe you don't want it showing up in your wedding photos? Temporary tattoo 'removal' with make up will give you the illusion of being de-inked.... read more

  • The Facts about Cystic Acne

    Cystic acne is far less common, and much more aggressive than your average acne. It presents itself as black and white heads, as well as red and swollen cysts that form in the skin on the face, back, neck and shoulders.... read more

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