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The different faces of ageing- which one are you?

20th June 2014

In reality, we all age differently to one another. It's not just the process of seeing a few wrinkles and fine lines on your face and body, it goes further than this. We've compiled a few examples of the different ways people can age. Do any of these descriptions sound familiar?

Splotchy skin

Key features

This type of ageing usually involves someone having a great deal of irregular pigmentation, most commonly in the form of sun spots on the skin. Some skin experts have pointed out that pigmentation usually affects the way skin reflects sunlight, which in turn reduces the chances of your skin looking radiant and will just add years to your complexion.


Considering this type of ageing is mainly linked with discolouration of the skin caused by excess sunlight exposure, it would make sense to apply good quality sunscreen especially during hot weather conditions.

Alternatively, you can try out rejuvenation treatments like fraxel or any other ageing related skin laser treatment if you are looking to turn back time. If you're new to these types of treatments and are curious to know more, then it is strongly recommended you speak to a highly skilled dermatologist at one of our skin clinics to find out more.

Wrinkled skin

Key features

For thousands of people, this skin type certainly has a negative stigma attached to it and one which we could all do without. Wrinkles can typically start forming in areas such as underneath your eyes, forehead or any other facial areas of your skin.


You can boost the collagen production of your skin and make it more firm by having a thorough skin regimen and sticking by to it on a daily basis. Your skin regimen should also include anti-ageing creams so you can see a more positive result.

These will help you get rid of the fine lines and creases that are showing on your skin. Once again rejuvenation treatments like laser resurfacing may be a more long term and permanent solution so, make sure you get researching about these if you haven't done so already.

Saggy skin

Key features

With this skin type you are likely to look quite bottom heavy, with the youthful and defined skin you were once proud of appearing more sagged and dull.


You can use procedures like anti-wrinkle injections and skin tightening treatments to help make your skin look tighter, firmer and smoother looking. It would also be a great idea for you to spend sometime exercising at the gym or playing one of your favourite sports just to ensure your skin and health are in top form with the help of frequent workouts.

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