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sk:n - what our Medical Director Sean Lanigan has to say about laser hair removal

5th June 2014

One of our ongoing commitments at sk:n is to employ only the most experienced doctors and dedicated staff like medical expert Sean Lanigan.

Below is a short clip, on what sk:n's Medical Director Sean Lanigan has to say about laser hair removal, answering some of the commonly asked questions on this treatment.

Dr. Sean Lanigan Medical Profile

The opening of the clip gives us a more thorough account of how laser hair removal actually works, particularly useful for those who are new to this treatment and want to know what it's all about.

Lanigan explains that this procedure uses high-powered beams of light that go into the skin and react with the hair follicle, which is the root of the hair. These are heated across the affected areas for a very short period of time and the hotter they get the greater chance for the hair to permanently vanish.

The benefits Lanigan discusses are mirrored by the laser hair removal reviews given by existing clients on our sk:n website. He continues to explain how hair removal of this type is a long term and a more permanent solution, in comparison to hair removal methods like waxing and shaving.

Similarly, Lisa Mason, Medical Standards Manager, also explains that some of the key benefits of laser hair removal include reduced hair growth by a minimum of 60%, smoother skin, fewer ingrown hairs and the remaining hair will be much finer and lighter.

One of the main questions asked, is whether there is a significant difference between laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). Lanigan points out that laser usually involves one pure colour of light like a red, blue or an invisible beam.

In contrast, he says normally IPL involves a range of lights and different coloured beams, which all go into the skin with only some of them being useful for hair removal purposes.

Want to find out more about laser hair removal?

Although skin specialist Sean Lanigan, answers most of the frequently asked questions on laser hair removal, it may still be worth arranging a trip to one of our sk:n clinics to find out more. We will be more than happy to schedule you in with one of our skin experts so you can gain a better understanding of this treatment, so get in touch with us today.

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