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Seasonal skin care tips

28th June 2014

You will be exposed to different seasons throughout the year no matter where you're located. Our skin is naturally affected by the different seasons of the year, with it likely to become drier in the winter months and oilier in the summer months.

Below are a few seasonal skin care tips you can try out if you want to make sure your skin is kept in good condition all year round.

Preventing Autumn and Winter dryness

Tip one - change your cleanser for both face and body

A great way to prevent your skin from turning dry and flaky during the winter period is by switching your cleanser from a gel or foaming water-soluble cleanser to one that has a lotion or creamy texture. This will help your skin remain moist and dry-free.

Tip two - Try a richer, lotion- type toner

A skin specialist would always advise you to apply a rich, lotion-type toner after cleansing. This is because a creamy and lotion-type toner will immediately help calm your skin, keep it dry-free, and will establish a base for making your skin healthier after cleansing. It will also act as type of make-up remover and help remove any last traces of make-up you have.

Tip three - Try to apply sunscreen throughout all weather changes

The application of sunscreen is essential all year round, even if it is not excessively hot. Your skin will face fewer problems and will be able to tolerate any climate change better, when it's fully protected from the sun day in and day out with sunscreen pretty much all year round.

Preventing summer oiliness

Tip one - use a strong gel or foaming cleanser to eradicate any oils and grease off the skin

During the summer your skin is prone to becoming more oily and greasy due to the sweat that is released from the heat. For this reason it would be a good idea to use a more thorough and strong gel or foaming cleanser to be able to clean all the oil and bacteria off your skin.

Tip two - avoid any creamy or lotion based moisturiser or cleanser during the summer

Stay away from any creamy or lotion based moisturisers and cleansers you might be using during the winter. These will result in your skin becoming oilier so it's a better option for you to apply a strong gel or serum to give your skin the essential substances it needs without clogging your pores and causing any unpleasant breakouts on your skin.

Tip three - Try a mattifying sunscreen or use a good quality foundation to avoid your skin becoming moist and oily

As mentioned before applying sunscreen all year round is a must, especially during the summer period. It should be included as part of our skin-care routine regardless of the weather. It is therefore advisable to try a mattifying sunscreen or use a good quality foundation with sunscreen so your skin remains fresh and oil-free.

Further advice on protecting your skin

The above seasonal skin care tips will help you keep your skin healthy and radiant all year round. However, if your skin is still being stubborn and starting to breakout then you can try out more permanent remedies like laser treatment for acne at a professional skin clinic near you.

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