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PCOS awareness - what?s your PCOS story?

9th June 2014

An estimated 50% of women around the world with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) are undiagnosed. Not everyone will be aware they even suffer from this condition until a later stage of their life. Below is a short clip, where we see a few women, with PCOS going through their experiences of this condition.

A few interesting PCOS stories at a closer glance

All the women in this clip are participants of the PCOS Challenge television show. These women have all been given a thorough PCOS treatment plan to follow as part of their treatment programme.

We see a few of these women point out their suspicions of suffering from this disorder at a really early age, with some of them eventually getting diagnosed between the ages of 16 and 19 at high school. A lot of them reveal that they were initially unsure what this condition even was and felt greatly confused, overwhelmed and concerned because of their lack of understanding.

If you don't have a strong understanding of PCOS and suffer from the more common symptoms like excess hair and acne, then it may be worth speaking to a skin specialist to learn more about your PCOS condition.

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