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Johnny Depp impersonator opts for laser tattoo removal

17th June 2014

In a recent episode of Channel 4's ‘Bodyshockers (My Tattoo Hell)’ we see Stuart, a Johnny Depp impersonator opt for a series of laser tattoo removal sessions. It seems the Pirates Of The Caribbean fan, is finally over his Captain Jack Sparrow phase and has at last made the brave move of eradicating any unwanted tattoos associated with his alter ego.

Below is a short clip showing Stuart's experience with tattoo removal at our Bristol sk:n clinic.

A closer insight on Stuart's laser tattoo removal journey

At the beginning of the video, Stuart's partner says that she thought the Captain Jack Sparrow look was only temporary but it seems she could have been wrong. It seems Stuart has even gone as far as getting a tattoo on his wrist labelled ‘Jack’ which he is now evidently regretting.

The process

Luckily, Stuart's tattoos only used up black ink, which according to the skin specialist is the easiest colour to fade from the skin. Stuart might need up to ten tattoo removal sessions in the next year and a half before he starts to see a positive outcome from his treatment sessions.

Stuart admits that if he had known that laser tattoo removal would take so long, then he would have thought twice about getting his tattoos done in the first place.

The end result of treatment

Nearing the end of the clip, we see Stuart rapidly break away from his alter ego image in just a few tattoo removal sessions. It appears that Stuart's tattoos are fading fast and he has successfully been able to dump the pirate look for his more tattoo-free and sophisticated look.

The most important benefit for Stuart is that he is no longer the centre of attention and doesn't have people looking at him strangely. He said he previously spent so much time on how he looked that he lost his identity and forgot who he was in the process. He admits to Katie Piper that he is exceptionally pleased with his new image and can finally feel like his old self.

Begin your tattoo removal journey with us today at sk:n clinics and be prepared to transform your life for the better, just like Stuart has.

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