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Discover how tomatoes can help protect against sunburn and ageing

30th June 2014

You can turn back the clock and protect yourself from sun damage and ageing with the help of tomatoes, a study has shown.

According to a scientific experiment carried out in Newcastle University, the consumption of red tomatoes will help protect your skin from any type of sunburn and skin ageing that is caused by too much sunlight exposure. This is because tomatoes are covered with the ingredient lycopene- the natural pigment that turns tomatoes red and it will also help revitalize our skin.

The experiment

The study involved 20 women, aged between 21 and 47, who were split into two groups. Half were asked to consume 55g of processed tomato-based paste, and the other half consumed a tomato-based paste, consisting 10g of olive oil. All participants consumed the given tomato based paste for 12 weeks.

The findings

Researchers found that the first group, whose lycopene intake was higher, and didn't have olive oil added to their tomato -based paste, had higher levels of procollagen- a molecule which gives the skin it's strong structure and elasticity.

They also claimed that the pastes acted as an equivalent to a sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 1.3, which is always beneficial for our skin during sunny weather conditions.

Other skin rejuvenation treatments for you to consider

In addition to having a tomato rich diet, you can also make the most out of skin rejuvenation treatments like Sculptra, that have proven to work wonders on millions of people's skin. These procedures can also save you from ageing and help you achieve a youthful complexion, you have always wished for. Book your free consultation with a skin specialist at one of our clinics today, to find out more.

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