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Tips on how to feel confident in your bikini this summer

7th June 2014

Some women have no problem confidently walking around in their bikini on holiday, while others may feel quite timid and be reaching for the sarong. If this sounds familiar and you're not completely comfortable wearing a bikini on vacation, then please see below some useful tips on how you can overcome this problem.

Tip one: think positive

Feeling great about yourself is easier said than done and even the most beautiful of women have insecurities, but try to focus on the good stuff. Avoid focusing too much on what you don't have and remind yourself of what you do have. If you are worried about your larger frame, then maybe you have flawless skin? You may be concerned about cellulite, but what about that fabulous bust? The aim is to have a more positive mind frame at all times.

Tip two: get in the mood for wearing a bikini

Start preparing for your vacation physically and mentally, well in advance. Start shopping for different types of stylish and accentuating bikinis a couple of months before your trip. You can also try these out a few times before at home or at the local pool or spa until you're feeling a bit more comfortable.

Tip three: explore different ways to improve your appearance

We may have different reasons for feeling slightly insecure in a bikini. Some may feel they are overweight, whereas others may feel they have too much excess bodily hair.

If this is the case, then why not go for regular workouts before your trip or opt for permanent hair removal treatments like laser hair removal a few months before your holiday. Make sure you speak to a professional skin specialist if you want to gain a further understanding on this type of laser treatment.

Tip four: Try to have fun and make the most of your holiday

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Make sure you enjoy yourself to the fullest and have plenty of fun during your vacation. You will find that once you start focusing on other activities during your holiday rather than your looks, you will naturally stop thinking about your insecurities of being in a bikini.

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