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Has Beyonce given in to the laser tattoo removal trend?

22nd June 2014

It appears former Destiny's Child group member and now one of the most famous R&B solo artists's, Beyoncé, no longer has a ring on it. She's apparently got rid of her wedding ring finger tattoo with the assistance of laser tattoo removal. As has been widely pointed out in the press, this tattoo represented the date her and rapper husband Jay-Z got married.

This has sparked some controversy, as the faded tattoo was first noticed during a basketball game she attended with husband Jay-Z just days after her sister Solange allegedly attacked the rap artist. There was further speculation over this after the singer posted a photograph of her plaster-covered ring finger on one of her social media profiles.

This has raised many questions regarding Beyoncé and Jay-Z's relationship. Furthermore, it seems even iconic figures like Beyoncé are rapidly turning to laser tattoo removal to get rid of their unwanted body art.

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