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How to fight against acne during Acne Awareness Month

4th June 2014

Acne is known to be one of the most common skin disorders, affecting millions of people around the world. A number of factors like stress, unhealthy eating and imbalanced hormones can trigger unsightly breakouts on our skin.

Below are a few tips you can take on board on how you can fight against your breakouts during Acne Awareness Month.

Tip one - avoid using fabric softeners

Chemicals in fabric softeners can react negatively on our skin and can contribute to clogged pores, so stay well away. Also, ensure you're washing your pillowcase and hand towels on a weekly basis to avoid your acne from spreading.

Tip two - avoid consuming too many sports drinks and sports bars

Sports drinks and sports bars consist of ingredients which can lead to the formation of severe acne. Only consume these moderately so you have a higher chance to be pimple-free.

Tip three - opt for laser treatment for acne

If your acne is becoming a concern to you and is causing you major confidence issues, then it's probably time you booked a consultation with a qualified skin specialist. You are guaranteed to find a selection of professional skin clinics like sk:n clinics in your local area so get searching today. Be ready to boost your self-esteem and confidence with the help of our acne treatments today.

Tip four - avoid swimming pools

Although going in swimming pools can be really refreshing and help you relax in the summer season, being in swimming pools can aggravate acne breakouts. A combination of hot and humid weather, exercise and chlorine can worsen our acne-prone skin.

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