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Feel good skin care tips of all time

14th June 2014

Many people's skin can be quite sensitive and will require a lot of attention towards the maintenance of it, if they want to avoid experiencing common skin problems like acne. Below are a few feel good skin care tips for you to try out if you want to continue having flawless and clear looking skin at all times.

Skin care tip 1 - massage in your moisturiser

You'll witness better results from skin products like moisturisers if you thoroughly massage these into your skin in a circular motion, rather than just lightly dabbing these on your skin. Not only does it feel good to massage these into your skin but it will also help revitalise your skin.

Skin care tip 2 - avoid popping your spots

As tempting as this may be, try to avoid popping any of your unsightly pimples as this will only make them worse. Bacteria can spread from your fingers to your face if you keep touching your spots and this will only lead to further breakouts.

If however, you are suffering from severe acne then you should take the first step of speaking to a qualified dermatologist to get more information on the acne treatment process at a sk:n clinic near you.

Skin care tip 3 - indulge yourself with dark chocolate

Although, this wouldn't be a very healthy option and has commonly been associated with being the reason behind our breakouts, dark chocolate can actually help clear up our skin. It consists of plenty of antioxidants, which in turn helps protect our skin and make it pimple-free. If you have to eat chocolate (which let’s face it sometimes we do!) - opt for the dark variety.

Skin care tip 4 - snack on almonds

Almonds are superb for bringing a glow to your skin, providing a good source of omega-3's and Vitamin E, which helps keep your skin cells revitalised and healthy.

Skin care tip 5 - try a face brush on your skin

A face brush is a useful tool for cleansing and exfoliating your skin. These are also ideal for getting your blood circulating and can increase the chances of achieving the flawless skin, you've always wanted.

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