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Real life stories: ex-prisoners start over with laser tattoo-removal

2nd June 2014

We all deserve a second chance to make a fresh start from our past. Similarly ex-prisoners from the Jericho Project have wanted to start over with the help of laser tattoo removal sessions.

Below is a short clip, highlighting a few real life ex-prisoner stories and how tattoo removal has aided them to make a new start.

In this clip, we see a few examples of tattoo removal sessions being carried out on ex-prisoners. They all have one thing in common, and that is to build a new and improved identity with the help of the Jericho Project, which has been especially designed for these ex-prisoners.

According to Manuel Velarde, a Juvenile Specialist, this programme has been running for 16 years and has been a complete success. He confirms the initial idea derived from a Police Sergeant, who thought it would be a great way for millions of ex-convicts to change their lives for the better with a tattoo removal treatments programme.

Here is what some of the ex prisoners had to say...

Pedro Fuentes, 21

Pedro, tells us that he got involved with the wrong crowd and started getting into a trouble at a really young age. His rebellious behaviour consequently led him to do time in prison. He wants to secure his future and ensure him and his future family live a good quality life. He says it just makes sense to start this new life by making changes to his appearance and having his tattoos permanently erased to start off with.

Mike Crespo, 24

Another ex-prisoner, Mike Crespo, reveals that a few employers have quizzed him about body art at job interviews. They ask if the tattoos represent particular sports teams and it's just easier for him to go along with this story, instead of unveiling the truth about his gang related tattoos.

Ernie Puchi, 34

Ernie Puchi, 34, believes that a person's tattoos are a representation of who they are and in his opinion if these are not erased then people won't really be able to fully recover from their troubled past.

Velarde sums up the clip by reminding us that it doesn't matter what you've done in the past in your life, what you do now, is most important. The ex-convicts are pleased to say that they feel more confident, respect themselves a lot more and finally have some substance and meaning to their lives after the tattoo removal sessions.

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