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Beauty Hacks you should know about

15th June 2014

Sometimes it's more exciting and fun to try out a few new ways to enhance your appearance.

Below are a range of unusual beauty hacks for you to experiment with if you haven't done so already.

Beauty hack 1 - warm your eyelash curler for a more improved and long lasting curl

You can make your eyes stand out and make yourself look even more glamorous by carefully heating up your eyelash curler for a few seconds with a hair dryer. You will get a much better and long lasting curl to your lashes this way, but make sure you don't overheat the curler too much or this will burn your eye.

Beauty hack 2 - get an airbrushed complexion and conceal those unattractive pimples with the help of make-up

You can achieve a more refined and airbrushed complexion, if you blend your moisturiser, primer and foundation together and then apply this mixture very carefully on your face. This will also help you hide any discomforting pimples that are visible on your skin. Add a drop of liquid highlighter, if you wish to add a further glow to your skin.

Your make-up can help you temporarily conceal any unsightly pimples, even if you are currently on top of the acne with treatment sessions. If you haven't already started acne treatment sessions then it may be worth visiting one of your local skin clinics to get more information on this.

Beauty hack 3 - create your own lip gloss from eye shadow

You can create your very own lip gloss by mixing the remaining pigments of an eye shadow with some Vaseline. Use the tip of your finger to gently spread this newly formed lip gloss on your lips.

Beauty hack 4 - remove stubborn nail polish with some cotton wool and tin foil

It can be a struggle to remove some nail polishes, especially if it was applied a while ago. Apply some nail polish remover to a ball of cotton wool, place it on your nail and then wrap your finger in some tin foil to keep the cotton wool secure. You will find that in just 3-5 minutes, any stubborn polish will peel off.

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