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Achieve fuss-free, smooth skin like a Commonwealth Games athlete

6th June 2014

With the arrival of the 2014 Commonwealth Games this July – August 2014, Britain’s best sports men including long jumper Greg Rutherford, diver Tom Daley and sprinter James Ellington are set to take centre stage and display their hair-free physiques, inspiring men to sport the bare-chested look.
For men who prefer the smooth aero-dynamic look, the constant hair removal process can be high-maintenance and expensive. Men all over the world who want to achieve this fuzz-free look are quickly realising that whilst waxing and shaving are great quick fixes, for smooth, hair-free skin that really lasts, the most effective solution is Laser Hair Removal (LHR).
At sk:n clinics, with 35 nationwide, there has been a 122 per cent increase in 18-25 year old males having Laser Hair Removal treatments over the past five years. 1 The most popular areas include the torso, back and even the face, as men aspire to achieve the look of their favourite celebrities or sporting heroes.1
LHR is completely safe and virtually pain-free. It works by focusing a laser beam at the base of the hair follicle, stopping hair growth. It can be used on any part of the body. sk:n clinics nurse Lisa Mason says:
“Men have thick, course hair that can be difficult and time consuming to remove through the traditional means of shaving or waxing. Men are also more likely to suffer from rashes and ingrown hairs, as the hair follicles become irritated. Laser Hair Removal is the best solution for men looking for an easy, fuss-free solution to hair removal. Many of my male clients comment that they wish they'd discovered it sooner.”
“If you’re going to get hair-free, do it once and do it right. Because sk:n clinics use the most powerfully effective lasers on the market and train our staff longer and more comprehensively than any other provider, you can guarantee you’re getting the best job done possible. For best results, 6-8 treatments of Laser Hair Removal are recommended. This makes the run up to summer the perfect time to start.”
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