Blogs from June 2014

  • Discover how tomatoes can help protect against sunburn and ageing

    You can turn back the clock and protect yourself from sun damage and ageing with the help of tomatoes, a study has shown.... read more

  • sk:n recommends:

    Read the latest articles and news from sk:n clinics - sk:n recommends: , Discover better sk:n... read more

  • Seasonal skin care tips

    You will be exposed to different seasons throughout the year no matter where you're located. Our skin is naturally affected by the different seasons of the year, with it likely to become drier in the winter months and oilier in the summer months.... read more

  • Erase your body art – what were you inking?

    Do you regret getting that ‘tat’? Whether it’s out of boredom, simply a change of heart, or you’ve lost the love that used to be there to bear your ex’s name on your body, there is a solution to erase the memory with laser tattoo removal available at sk:n clinics.... read more

  • Bangladeshi transgender model determined to become Miss World

    A 23 year old Bangladeshi Glamour Model, Amelia Maltepe, has publicly opened up about the difficulties she faced in life, because of her desire to transform from a man to a woman.... read more

  • Your PCOS treatment journey- tips on how to eradicate your ovarian cysts

    Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common hormonal condition that affects the way a woman's ovary functions. This is the reason why many women with PCOS face infertility issues and many other side effects like excess hair and acne-prone skin. One of the first steps of reversing PCOS is to make sure your ovaries are working properly.... read more

  • Tips for tightening loose skin after pregnancy

    Your pregnancy is likely to be one of the most precious and memorable times of your life. There are some women who will return back to their usual pre-pregnancy figures immediately after giving birth and then there are others, who will face some difficulties returning back to their usual shape and form.... read more

  • How can I get rid of my neck wrinkles?

    Many people spend a lot of time and effort focusing on their facial wrinkles instead of the wrinkles that may also be appearing on other parts of the body like their neck. It is just as important for us to ensure that the non-facial body parts are taken care of.... read more

  • Has Beyonce given in to the laser tattoo removal trend?

    It appears former Destiny's Child group member and now one of the most famous R&B solo artists's, Beyoncé, no longer has a ring on it. She's apparently got rid of her wedding ring finger tattoo with the assistance of laser tattoo removal. As has been widely pointed out in the press, this tattoo represented the date her and rapper husband Jay-Z got married.... read more

  • Beauty tricks - how to make cellulite disappear

    In reality, we all age differently to one another. It's not just the process of seeing a few wrinkles and fine lines on your face and body, it goes further than this. We've compiled a few examples of the different ways people can age. Do any of these descriptions sound familiar?... read more

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