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sk:n - a close up on eyelid tattoo removal

25th July 2014

As time passes by, more and more people are becoming drawn towards laser tattoo removal procedures to get rid of their unwanted body art. Meet Grant, on the Bodyshockers, My Tattoo Hell programme, where he talks to Presenter, Katie Piper about his eagerness to get rid of his hasty 'Japs' tattoo on his eyelid.

Below is a short clip, which gives you a closer glance into Grant's tattoo laser treatment journey.

Grant's tattoo laser treatment journey

It is revealed at the beginning of the clip that Grant is negatively affected by his eyelid tattoo, which he got on a drunken night out and now has to pay the consequences. As the clip progresses, we see experienced practitioner, Dr Sanjay Rajpara, performing treatment on Grant.

It is made clear that great caution and care would need to be taken during the treatment session particularly in Grant's case. This is because there are great risks involved in firing a laser towards the eye, which is why it is important for the dermatologist to use a protective eye shield before administrating any form of treatment on the client.

It's confirmed in the episode that the treatment could take up to a year before he sees any positive results. His supportive partner however, hopes that sk:n clinics is able to fulfil Grant's wish of being permanently tattoo and stress free once his treatment course is complete.

As the clip eventually comes to an end, we see Katie Piper arrange a meeting with Grant to discuss the progression of his treatment. It seems he is pleased with the results of the treatment and he is really happy to see his nightmare tattoo finally disappearing after just 2 treatment sessions. Get in touch with us today, if you want to find out more about our laser tattoo removal treatments.

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