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Post holiday skincare management

31st July 2014

Sometimes we get so busy with various exciting activities on holiday that we become complacent in taking care of our skin and hair to the best of our ability. It's so easy for our skin and hair to go all pear-shaped during holiday but this doesn't mean that we can't do anything about it.

All you need to do is put an effective post holiday skincare management plan into practice when your back from your travels and everything will then fall into place.

Below are a few ways on how you can swiftly recover your skin when your back and help your hair look just as good as it was before you jetted off, if it becomes a mess during vacation.

Dealing with damaged hair

Keeping your hair in good condition throughout your holiday can become quite tricky especially when you have to deal with a lot of sun exposure and change of water. Some people may find their hair become relatively damaged on holiday so it's advisable for them to get a deep hydrating hair massage for their scalp, once they're back from their travels.

Try to use a mild shampoo and some Moroccan Argan oil regularly for a couple of weeks as these products will collectively assist in strengthening the hair and help it look silky smooth.

Dealing with dark circles and tired eyes

Admittedly, it's really fun exploring a different city but at the same time, the exploring can leave you feeling exceptionally tired. The tiredness usually leads to the development of dark circles under your eyes, which is not ideal.

Once your back, make sure you catch up on your sleep, drink lots of water and have a healthy diet. These can even be concealed with the help of makeup and long-lasting rejuvenation treatments like anti wrinkle injections.

Dealing with sensitive and acne-prone skin

Those of you who have sensitive and acne-prone skin, will be fully aware of how easy it is for your skin to break out no matter where you are. A break out can occur by just touching your skin by mistake, being in a dusty, crowded or polluted environment.For this reason, it would be recommendable for you to always wash your hands or carry a sanitizing gel for your hands so your hands remain clean and bacteria-free.

Alternatively, if your acne is becoming an issue for you then perhaps it's a good idea to start acne treatment from a skin specialist, so you never need to continuously worry about your acne skin problems.

Dealing with dry feet

There is a huge possibility that you will be doing a lot of walking when you're sightseeing on holiday. This can lead to dry and in some cases cracked feet, which would appear quite unsightly especially when you have them out on show in the summer.

To resolve this issue try to frequently apply some coconut oil on your feet every night before sleeping, at least for a week when your back. This will keep your feet moisturised and make them soft again.

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