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Real life stories - how laser hair removal transformed Brian's life in a positive way

26th July 2014

Our life has become so much easier with laser hair removal being around. This means we no longer need to constantly rely on shaving or waxing hair removal methods, which are likely to leave some irritating and unsightly ingrown hairs behind. You can learn more about our existing clients experience with this procedure in the laser hair removal reviews section of our website.

Below is a real life case study on Brian, whose decision to go for laser hair removal treatment sessions, has permanently transformed his life in a positive way.

Brian's laser hair removal story

Brian's decision on going for this type of hair removal technique was based on his desire to permanently get rid of unwanted facial hair."My expectations were to have less facial hair, reduce the need to shave, and to be more comfortable" says Brian.

Brian stated that at first he was sceptical and nervous about going for treatment because he was afraid of suffering from pigmentation on his face due to this treatment. However his worries were put at rest after a patch test, which showed no side effects and he is now glad he went ahead with the procedure.

After just one treatment, Brian noticed the positive outcome. His hairs were appearing finer than usual and he was happy to notice fewer ingrown hairs on his face in comparison to before."On the whole, I've been quite happy with the procedure. I no longer have to shave, and ingrown facial hair and razor burn are a thing of the past" Brian confirmed.

To Conclude

Create your own laser hair removal story, if this is something that has been on your mind for a long time. Find out more about the laser hair removal cost and prices by getting in touch with of our friendly and professional team members at sk:n clinics. Similarly to Brian, you can change your life for the better with the help of laser hair removal.

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