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Laser hair removal on man's beard on The Doctors show

28th July 2014

Laser hair removal doesn't just benefit many women in getting rid of unwanted hair but it's also benefits men in the same way. Meet Chris on The Doctors show, who is fed up of shaving his facial hair twice a day, every day.

He has now resorted to laser hair removal to be able to permanently resolve this problem. Below is a short clip on Chris's journey with laser hair removal on The Doctors show.

About Chris's laser hair removal journey

You should no longer be alarmed by the words hair removal for men. This is simply because just like women many men have frequently been turning to hair removal techniques for a clearer and hair-free complexion. This is exactly what's happened with Chris.

Chris has been shaving since the age of 14, he tells us on The Doctors show that he is completely ready to banish his beard for good. The show reveals that on average 90% of men shave once per day and that calculates to be 20,000 times worth of shaving in a man's lifetime.

It's clear that Chris has already gone through several razors in his life and is seeking for a permanent hair removal solution to remove all of his facial hair. For him, the perfect scenario would be to never shave or ever need to deal with irritating ingrown hairs again.

During the episode, we see Chris receiving treatment from Keith Marcus, an experienced dermatologist on The Doctors. We see the expert carefully targeting each hair follicle one by one with the laser machine. We are told that a typical laser hair removal course will consist of 5-6 treatments before you're able to see a positive result from treatment. Chris tells us he feels great about going ahead with this procedure and can't wait to see the end outcome of it.

Suffering from excess unwanted facial hair?

Chris is just one of many, who have given into the permanent hair removal technique. You can read more about our existing client's laser hair removal journey from the laser hair removal reviews segment of our website. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us directly, if you want to find out more.

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