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The truth behind hair reduction for darker and Asian skin types unveiled

9th July 2014

There have been a lot of myths around permanent hair removal for darker and Asian skin types. Some of the statements that have been made on this topic are true while others have been completely false. These will be discussed below.

Statement one - you can't have laser hair removal done if you've got a post-holiday tan or have recently used fake tan

True /strong> - your dermatologist will always advise you to wait until your tan has faded before executing treatment on you. This is because if the hair is lighter in colour than the skin, there is a possibility not all the targeted hairs will be removed as expected.

Statement two - the darker your skin, the more laser hair removal will hurt

False - this is not true because your chosen practitioner can alter the settings of the laser machines at any time you feel a burning sensation or some form of irritation. In summary, permanent hair removal of this type won't hurt any more or less than someone who has paler skin.

There are testimonials from existing sk:n clients with Asian type of skin for you to check out in the laser hair removal reviews section of our website if you wish to have more information on this.

Statement three - if you have naturally dark or olive skin, laser hair removal won't work

False - There is no reason why people with olive skin can't go for laser hair removal treatments. As long as your hair is darker than your skin and falls in the classification 4 or above criteria on the Fitzpatrick Scale, then this procedure will be most definitely work.

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