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Break away from breakouts with the help of cleansing

5th July 2014

Everyone should follow a daily skincare routine, for a healthier and acne-free complexion. Cleansing helps you clean your skin thoroughly and gets rid of any accumulated bacteria and dirt that has built up on your skin, whether you wear make-up or not.

Below are a few cleansing options on top of the acne treatment sessions you might be going for, to relieve your sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Double cleansing method

Double cleansing requires an oil cleanser, cream cleanser or a foaming cleanser and just apply it twice. You have the option of sticking to one particular type of cleanser for the double cleansing process or mix it up by using two different types of cleansers.

Oil cleansing method

The oil cleansing method can irritate some skins, so may not be everyone's favourite.

Massage about ¾ teaspoons of oil on the affected areas and then rinse off the oil with warm water and a clean cloth. Repeat this process about 4-5 times until you feel your skin feeling silky smooth.

The 4-2-4 cleansing method

This popular cleansing method was founded by Korean Celebrity, Bae Suzy, and should only take about 10 minutes.

You start the process off by using a cleansing oil or cream and massage this on your face for about 4 minutes. Continue the process by washing your face with cleansing foam for about 2 minutes. Finish the process off by rinsing your skin with warm water, then cold water, this final step should take about 4 minutes.

Alternative ways of being pimple-free

Having an effective skin routine is just one way achieving radiant and pimple-free skin.

If despite sticking to a clear-skin routine, you are still suffering from acne, you might want to consider undergoing laser treatment for acne. If you want to get more details on this procedure, speak to a skin specialist at one of our skin clinics to get a better idea on our treatments.

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