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A step by step skin regimen for men

9th July 2014

Women aren't the only ones who wish for a younger looking face, men are also guilty of this. Some also consider to laser treatment to achieve healthier and tighter skin, while others may just religiously follow an effective skin regimen every day, to ensure their skin stays in good condition, at all times.

Below is a short video clip based on a step by step skin regimen for men, which men could potentially follow for a better looking complexion.

Step one - apply a good quality cleanser

The first step to a successful skin regimen is to wash your face with a good quality cleanser every day. To get the best results, it is advisable for you to use a cleanser, which matches your skin type, such as oily or dry skin tones.

Step two - moisturise twice a day

The following step after cleansing is to moisturise. It has been advised for us to moisturise our skin at least twice a day to keep it hydrated.

Step three - apply some sunscreen

Once the cleansing and moisturising is done, it is highly recommendable for you to apply sunscreen that has a SPF of at least 15, before heading out. Skin experts have suggested that, this is a product that should really be used all year round not just during hot weather climates as it delays the ageing process and protects it from any form of sun damage.

Step four - drink water regularly throughout the course of the day

It's important for you get in the habit of drinking water frequently throughout the day to keep your skin and body refreshed and hydrated. Health professionals recommend the average water intake for women is around 1.6 litres and 2 litres for men.

Step five - exercise daily

You should try to exercise daily if you want your skin to remain toned and rejuvenated. Not only does exercise help you lose weight it also clears your pores and makes you feel confident about yourself.

Step six - eat healthy

Make sure you have a healthy diet, which greatly focuses on healthy foods like vegetables and fruits. This way your skin and body will be receiving all the nutrients and minerals that are essential for you.

To summarise

You can check out our skin rejuvenation treatments in addition to following the standard step by step skin regimen that has been outlined above. Speak to an experienced dermatologist at a skin clinic near you if this is something that would be of interest to you.

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