Blogs from July 2014

  • Post holiday skincare management

    Sometimes we get so busy with various exciting activities on holiday that we become complacent in taking care of our skin and hair to the best of our ability. It's so easy for our skin and hair to go all pear-shaped during holiday but this doesn't mean that we can't do anything about it.... read more

  • Laser hair removal on man's beard on The Doctors show

    Laser hair removal doesn't just benefit many women in getting rid of unwanted hair but it's also benefits men in the same way. Meet Chris on The Doctors show, who is fed up of shaving his facial hair twice a day, every day.... read more

  • Real life stories - how laser hair removal transformed Brian's life in a positive way

    Our life has become so much easier with laser hair removal being around. This means we no longer need to constantly rely on shaving or waxing hair removal methods, which are likely to leave some irritating and unsightly ingrown hairs behind.... read more

  • sk:n - a close up on eyelid tattoo removal

    As time passes by, more and more people are becoming drawn towards laser tattoo removal procedures to get rid of their unwanted body art. Meet Grant, on the Bodyshockers, My Tattoo Hell programme, where he talks to Presenter, Katie Piper about his eagerness to get rid of his hasty 'Japs' tattoo on his eyelid.... read more

  • sk:n - a close up on laser hair removal face treatment

    Let's face it, no woman wants to be covered with excess facial hair. Not only can it often be a social taboo but it can also make you feel extremely self-conscious.... read more

  • Melanie Griffith erases her past with tattoo removal treatment sessions

    Famous American Actress and Golden Globe award winner for her performance in Working Girl, Melenie Griffith has recently got rid of her famous heart tattoo with the help of laser tattoo removal. She decided to erase her past with the aid of tattoo laser treatment sessions shortly after her split with former husband Antonio Banderas.... read more

  • Post Juvéderm® instructions

    It has become common practice for a majority of women to undergo some sort of laser treatment at some point of their lives. Some may want to permanently get rid of their unwanted excess hair, acne scars while others may just simply want to beautify their looks with the help of Juvéderm®.... read more

  • A skincare game plan for men this summer

    Just like women, men also strive to have perfect looking skin. Below are a few common do's and don'ts for men to follow this summer, if they want to escape their unsightly pimples and follow a highly effective skincare plan.... read more

  • Quick anti-ageing fixes

    Some people prefer to avoid any signs of ageing being on show at any time of day, especially when they have important events, weddings and parties ahead of them. For this reason it's sometimes better to have knowledge of quick anti-ageing fixes that are available for us to try out in last minute situations particularly if we haven't recently had time to speak to an expert dermatologist.... read more

  • Anti-ageing sun protection: the different sunscreen options

    The summer season has now kicked in and the chances of us being outdoors in the sun will be very high. Despite the fact that we all love to have some sunshine in our lives, too much sunlight exposure will make us age quicker and damage our skin, if it’s not protected correctly.... read more

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