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Winter Skin Care Tips

2nd January 2014

=If the cold winter weather disagrees with your skin, leaving it dry, sensitive and flakey then you're not alone. Protecting your skin from the cold, icey and often wet winter weather is essential to avoid skin damage occurring.

Read our winter skin care tips on how to survive the chilly weather and keep your skin safe and full of moisture.


It's important to exfoliate before moisturising during the winter months. The reason our skin becomes dry and flakey during the cold weather is due to a skin cell build up; you need to remove the dead cells and rehydrate the new ones.

Invest in a Good Moisturiser

Go for a hydrating moisturiser - the central heating systems installed in offices and buildings can dry out the skin. Look for a product that contain hyaluronic acid as it helps prevent the skin from drying out.

Keep wearing an SPF

We are constantly trying to relay the message that wearing an SPF in the cold winter months is just as important as during the summer. UV rays are just as harmful no matter what time of year it is!

Say no to a super-hot bath

As tempting as it may be to turn up the hot water when you take a bath or shower it's actually a burden on your skin. The intense heat can lead to a loss of moisture in the skin, leaving it dehydrated; so keep showers and baths at a tepid, lukewarm temperature!

Prevent chapped lips

Using an oil based cream or lip balm will help when applied before going out in the cold, dry weather. Another way is to keep your body and lips hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Lastly, avoid licking your lips as this doesn't moisturise them!

Watch your alcohol consumption

Whilst the mulled wine, champagne and spirits may be calling for you this Christmas and New Year try and watch how much you consume. Alcohol dehydrates your body including the skin, depriving it of vital vitamins. Alcohol also reduces our collagen production so can lead to lines and wrinkles.

Start your new regime now - don't let winter damage your skin!

If you need any help or advice choosing the right products for your skin, or have a skin condition you would like to discuss with one of our experts then please do not hesitate to pop in to one of our clinics or contact us


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