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Waxing, laser, rock blades... what do you use?

14th January 2014

Removing unwanted hair has been a popular trend amongst women for many centuries. It's an ancient procedure, where it was normal for people to use a sharp rock to scrape hair from the body.

This is certainly not the case nowadays, where new and improved technologies have been developed to get rid of unwanted hair such as laser hair removal. You can save yourself the time and effort by just visiting one of your local laser hair removal clinics like sk:n and seek more permanent hair removal solutions.

The dermatologists of today, do all the work for you, managing to give you better results than ever before.

The two main types of hair removal are depilatories and epilatories:

About depilatories

Depilatories like shaving and hair removal creams only remove hair above the skin. This leads to hair growing back quicker and more stubbly in comparison to the epilatory hair removal methods.

Historical based research shows that one of the first places humans started removing hair was from men’s faces. Rock blades that were made out of flint were likely to be the first razors that were available to people. Another interesting fact about depilatories is that in the 1880's King Camp Gillette introduced the first disposable razor.

About epilatories

Epilation is known to remove hair from the root and produces longer lasting results to depilation based hair removal methods. Hair removal techniques such as laser hair removal, epilators, waxing, threading and intense pulsed light are all examples of this type of method.

The first epilators was founded in the 1980's, and epilators do not use a strip of paper like waxing. Instead, an epilator is a mechanical device that uses a spring or rotating discs to grab, pull, and discard several hairs per second.

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