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31st January 2014

Let's face it, nobody is a fan of acne and we usually try our best to stay away from it as much as possible. If only it was that simple to avoid acne, the world would be an even happier place, especially for those who have suffered from acne breakouts for a long period of time now.

Below is a useful website related to acne for you to have a read through. It gives you a greater insight into this condition and helpful tips on how to manage some of its symptoms.


Our favourite features:

30 easy tips for glowing skin


In this section, you'll find a wide range of useful beauty tips, enabling you to get rid of your acne and help you obtain smoother looking skin. Some of these useful and interesting tips are as follows.

Tip 1: Remove your makeup before you go to sleep

By leaving makeup and dirt on skin doesn't only just clog pores leading to major acne breakouts, it can cause excessive dryness and even skin dandruff. According to some clinicians most makeup consists of a sugar-type molecule that can grow yeast overnight, which can prove to be increasingly harmful to your skin.

Tip 2: Sanitize your Smartphone

Our phones in general are actually more germ-infested than we would have assumed so. To keep your phone and face bacteria-free, it would definitely be a good idea to wipe it down with an antibacterial wipe on a daily basis.

Six Hidden Causes of Acne


This aspect of the website highlights six hidden causes of acne, which we often tend to overlook. A couple of these causes are as follows.

Cause 1: Using toothpaste to heal pimples

Despite the traditional belief that toothpaste can help our breakouts and can swiftly heal our embarrassing pimples, the reality is, that some of these actually just cause you to develop acne and irritate your skin.

Your workout gear

Your workout sessions could be making you breakout, but it's not solely the exercises that are causing those unsightly and unattractive pimples. You should always remember to clean the handles of each machine before using it. Alternatively, if you are using a communal yoga mat, you may be on the side that somebodies feet has touched. To be on the safe side, it's best to put a clean towel over the mat whilst working out.

To conclude...

You no longer need to keep battling with your acne issues. You can permanently resolve your acne related problems by beginning your acne laser treatment at a reliable skin clinic like sk:n.

This safe and simple procedure of acne treatment is virtually pain-free and will be carried out by a expert dermatologist at any one of our modern clinics nationwide. Taking this into account therefore, make sure you get booking with us right away.

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