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Laser tattoo removal: how it's done

17th January 2014

You may be one of those people who is constantly reminded of their past with tattoos from your young and wild days. If this is the case and you want to permanently detach yourself from your more spontaneous days then why not consider going ahead with tattoo laser removal?

Below is a short clip, which will give you a further insight into this procedure and how it is all done.


A short clip on tattoo removal and how it’s all done

In this clip, we see a client receiving laser tattoo removal for their colourful and fairly large tattoo positioned on their arm. The machine that is used for this process in the video uses two wavelengths, also referred to on the clip as 1062 and 532 nanometres.

It's suggested that the 532 wavelength is predominantly used for the red inks, red areas, some tans and browns. The long wavelength however is set out to treat the dark blue and black inks.

Feedback on the laser tattoo removal session

As the clip progresses, the client is asked by the trained physician on their feedback on the treatment during the session. The client seemed to be well composed throughout the session and pointed out that it wasn't actually as painful as he thought. They also revealed "I've hated this tattoo since the day I got it."

Next steps to follow after your treatment

At the end of the clip, it is advised to the viewers to wait at least two to three weeks for the tattoo to heal before going for your next treatment session.

At sk:n clinics a course of 6-10 treatments is usually enough to remove the tattoo dependent on the design of the tattoo. It has also been recommended by the specialist to avoid excessive heat and sun exposure after treatment so your tattoo can heal fully in two to three weeks, right in time for the next treatment session.

If you are feeling more inquisitive about laser tattoo removal after watching this clip and want to find out more information then waste no time and book your free consultation with sk:n today.

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