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Is chocolate really your friend?

29th January 2014

We can all do with a bit of chocolate in our lives every now and again. However, as pleasant as it tastes, it’s debatable whether chocolate is actually really our friend. The consumption of chocolate no doubt carries with it several disadvantages for both the body and skin.

Below are a selection of interesting myths and facts about chocolate:

Myth: chocolate causes severe migraines and headaches

Chocolate has often been closely connected with being the common cause of severe migraines and headaches. A study undertaken by the University of Pittsburgh has however shown no link between chocolates and chronic headache. Other studies have also favoured this finding so it may just be that there are other factors involved in the development of our headaches rather than chocolate being a main factor.

Myth: chocolate causes acne

Many expert dermatologists don't think that diet is the greatest contributor in the development of acne. Acne is now in fact believed to be caused by a combination of high bacteria levels and oil on the skin, with a poor diet being a small element contributing towards the formation of our acne breakouts.

Myth: Chocolate causes weight gain

Always bear in mind that any type of food or drink isn't damaging as long as it is consumed in moderation. This principle also applies to our chocolate intake, too much of it will lead to an increase in our insulin levels, which is not good for our body or skin.

The summary

Chocolate is no doubt a lot of people's weakness. As discussed earlier, research has also illustrated that it isn't as harmful as it can be assumed to be, as long as it is eaten in moderation.

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