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Hirsutism: the facts

23rd January 2014

Hirsutism is a condition, which involves an excess of hair on the face and/or body, primarily caused by high levels of androgens stimulating the hair follicles. Androgens are basically male like hormones and women with high levels of these will be likely to suffer from excess hair that is thicker, darker and more visible than usual.

Hirsutism, particularly in the facial area can be quite a daunting and stressful experience, affecting self-esteem and confidence. Factors like weight gain, PCOS and sometimes menopause tend to contribute towards the development of this condition.

Treatment options:

Lifestyle based treatments

As has been mentioned earlier, weight gain can cause hirsutism so it is essential we aim to live a healthier lifestyle. Having healthy eating habits and increasing your physical activity is usually a good start to combat your hirsutism related problems.

Non-medical cosmetic treatments

Traditional hair removal options such as threading and waxing can assist in getting rid of our excess hair. However, these are normally perceived as temporary fixes and the hair grows back more rapidly so laser hair removal techniques are often preferred to achieve longer lasting results.

Special creams

There are special creams available out there which you can use for treating facial hirsutism. Always consult your doctor before using these type of creams.

To summarise...

For those that want to permanently eradicate their excess body hair problems, why not consider proceeding with laser hair treatment sessions. Millions of people have gone ahead with laser treatment for hair removal at well-established clinics like sk:n. You can also be another one of sk:n's success stories, so make sure you book your free consultation today.

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