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A hair-free guide for men: dealing with unwelcome body hair

21st January 2014

There are mixed views on whether it's appealing or even sexy for a man to be hairy in this modernised contemporary society. It really does boil down to a matter of preference and opinion. There is actually no right or wrong answer, but some findings are showing that more and more males are moving towards laser hair removal and other hair removal techniques.

Certain areas of the body require a lot more care, attention and continued maintenance when it comes to hair removal. Below are a few useful recommendations for dealing with unwelcome men's body hair for areas of the body that require the most attention:


Men often have a unibrow, which for many men may not be much of an issue, but many men also choose to get it removed. If it's just a few hairs that need to be removed in the middle, then it would probably be better to use tweezers every now and again.


Having a hairy back is fairly common for men and as with a unibrow, it may not bother you at all, but for some men having a smooth back either all the time on during the summer months makes them feel better.

You can have these hairs removed with popular hair removal techniques such as waxing and hair removal laser treatment at a local clinic like sk:n. You can achieve more permanent and longer lasting results with laser hair removal for men, and will only need to attend up to 6-7 treatment sessions before you are hair-free, although obviously for some extremely hairy backs further treatments may be necessary.


In most cases, it's not ideal to have a mass of hair shooting out from their nostrils. If you are one of those people suffering from this hairy truth then it would be recommended to carefully trim the hairs with either a blunt-nosed scissor or get your hands on an electric trimmer specifically designed for the nose.


Some guys have unsightly hair on their toes. A quick fix to getting the hair removed on the toes is waxing, shaving or tweezing off the hairs. Getting a pedicure every now and then would also help towards you having well-groomed feet as bizarre as it may sound to some men, it's actually a great way to relax and have more presentable feet.

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